This page is about contacting me personally.

For speaking requests please go to the "Speaking" page linked at the top menu.

Here are the limits to what I can do via email:

- If you want to be a "demonologist" please do not write me. Generally there is no training in this area that is open to laity.
- If you believe you are experiencing a demonic problem you need to work with your local religious leader. I cannot take on every case as I'm just one person with limited resources. All I end up being able to do is encourage people to work with their local religious leaders. I know that sometimes the local religious leader doesn't want to help, I don't have a solution for this.
- If you "want an exorcism" I cannot help you. Exorcists only perform exorcisms at the order of their Bishop, not me. You have to work with the system, which starts with your local pastor.
- If you are a paranormal group and feel you have found a demonic case I can't offer much help. Real demonic cases need to be handled by clergy, not paranormal groups. Most groups realize this and step back, which is all I can advise you to do. The people need to work with their religious leaders.

If you are a Bishop or a priest you are welcome to contact me at