Requesting speaking or training

My speaking agency is:

They can be contacted at:

I have a good amount of experience in speaking and teaching. I've taught at a number of national conferences for priests, helped organize conferences, done continuing educaion workshops, and shorter seminars. I've also been part of spiritual retreats as a presenter. In addition I've given talks for the general public and taught university courses.

These are some of the talks I can give in the public domain:

Introduction to deliverance and exorcism
Roman Catholic deliverance ministry
Psychology and the preturnatural: misdiagnosed cases
Levels of demonic problems
Opening doors to the demonic and how to keep them closed

These are some of the talks I can give for priests:
Diagnosis of possession
What is the solemn exorcism and how to do it
Exploring the prenotanda of the exorcism ritual (1692 and 1998)
Comparing the 1692 ritual with the 1998 ritual
Common mistakes of beginning exorcists
Some of the tricks of the demons and how to counter them